The Doberman is a man made breed, which Mr. Louis
Doberman, a tax collector and dog catcher produced the first of
this breed by crossing different breeds Mr. Doberman left no
journals on how many breeds are in the Doberman, so the
guessing game has been going on for years.

Being born and raised in Berlin - Germany, my curiosity on how
the Doberman especially the White Doberman came into
existence - has become a lifelong learning experience.

My first impression of the White Doberman and their beautiful
blue eyes hit a very deep connection for me, and my love for the
Doberman grew even stronger, The beautiful blue eyes of the
White Doberman did it for me.

I have been "owned" by Dobermans for 25 wonderful years, and
their personalities are quite colorful and unique, and never leave
me bored. Training is a must to establish a healthy, loving and
respectful relationship between the Doberman and its owner.

Our Dobermans are raised in the house, loved and well
socialized from the time that they are born. Owning any dog is a
lifelong commitment, and should not be taken lightly - puppies
are cute, but they grow up. A Doberman will look to you and
your family to be the leader of its pack. Dobermans love, and
protect their owners. Dobermans need lots of exercise - having a
secure yard is essential. It is important to remember that the
Doberman is not just a dog, the Doberman is a family member,
and needs to realize that it is unconditionally loved.
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