20 Years ago we had our first black and rust Doberman, Why we ever wanted
another one after him I'll never know. We purchased him for $50.00- In a truck
stop parking lot, which I would never recommend for anyone to do. He was
175 lbs and a very destructive Doberman. When he was 5 he had to be put
down for biting my grand-daughter unprovoked. Our next adventure was a
little red Doberman that we found in the desert of Utah, According to the vet
he was 2wks old when we found him. He had a balance problem all of his life,
that he learned to deal with and Utah was 11 when he passed on to greener
pastures. Jim was given a black girl named Tasha with the promise to return
a pup. In search of a stud I came across the "White Doberman", I had not
seen one before and fell in love instantly. I have educated myself about the
Doberman world some more and the white Doberman. I found it quite
interesting, what the opposition had to say about the white Doberman. Not
only did I find through my own experience, That all Dobermans are equal,  
But the white Doberman is and has the same qualities their colored brothers
and sisters have. They are affectionate and smart, some like agility, some
don't, but all dobes regardless of color have selective hearing.  All my four
legged kids love being in the house and I wish my lap was bigger, but they
will take turns on my lap and occupy the sofa or recliner, Whatever happens
to be available, Together we enjoy the evening. Every once in a while it
snows in the living room, stuffing is not safe in any toy and I never knew that
a king-size pillow could have so many feathers.  Guests are welcome, my
kids think the world of them, for there is more petting to be had and maybe
even another lap to occupy. The Doberman is noble and anyone that is
owned by a Doberman Treats him like part of the family is indeed very lucky
and reaps the reward from this noble animal with an undying devotion.

We Will Not, Nor Do We Buy Or Sell From Or To Pet Shops Or Dog/Puppy
Brokers. We Screen All New Owners To Ensure Proper Homes For Our
Babies. (For Deposit or Price Info Please Email Us)